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UNCLE New Cross Two Bed Apartment Interior

UNCLE New Cross

Two Bed

from £2,197
per month
Apartment size from
71 SqM / 764 SqFt
Wifi speeds up to
1 GB
Central London commute in
19 Minutes
Trustpilot rating
Based on 446 Reviews
Two bedroom apartments for rent in New Cross. Look no further, people.

Two bedrooms to use however, and with whoever you like. Coupling privacy with seamlessly shared space. Eye-widening views. And the chance to use the extra room for your Zoom calls.

£2,197 per month
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Apartment features
Pet-friendly apartments
Superfast internet
Ensuite bathrooms
Washing machine and dryer
Stunning views
Top spec appliances
Private balconies
Ample storage space
Fitted wardrobes
Secure access control
Oh-so-comfy furniture
* Included with furnished apartments only
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Min size
71 SqM
Max size
71 SqM
Floorplans & layouts are intended for illustrative purposes only and should be treated as general guidance only
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UNCLE New Cross Two Bed Apartment Interior
Style you can't be cross about

If you love your space and your design, you’ll be right at home in our two-bed apartments in New Cross. Did we mention they’re pet-friendly?

Uncle New Cross
Laptop and book, meet roof terrace.

Laptop. Book. Beverage. Meet the outdoor and rooftop terraces at our two-bedroom apartments to rent in New Cross. Add in super-fast internet, private balconies, and pet-friendly spaces and it’s time to take a chill pill.

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