Questions, questions, questions.

First one – what do you mean by ‘kinder, simpler rental experience’? What’s so kind and simple about UNCLE?

Well, first, we own the buildings, design the apartments, man the reception desk, and answer the phones. This means there will always be someone from UNCLE to help you. If you’ve a problem you won’t need to phone up an estate agents or a management company. You just pop downstairs and talk to one of resident managers – the person you say hello to every day – and they’ll sort it. Simple.

Kind? Well – we believe if we do right you by you, then you’ll do right by us.

For example – we’ll refund you a day’s rent if we’ve not repaired a problem that’s sortable (i.e. not a new lift part from Germany) within 48 hours – but not if you haven’t paid your rent lately. Sound fair?

If you move in, but then change your mind, or don’t like it – no worries.
You’ve got 14 days to let us know, and we’ll rip up your contract, no questions asked.

We can’t promise to be perfect – who is – but we do aim to always treat you with fairness, respect and care. Exactly how it should be. Kind. Simple. UNCLE.

More questions?

1.    Who’s behind UNCLE?

2.    What’s included in the rent?

3.    What’s your application process?

4.    What do I need to send in along with my application?

5.    Am I allowed pets?

6.    Do UNCLE Apartments come fully furnished?

7.    Do I have to pay council tax on top of my rent?

8.    What other charges can I expect?

9.    Do you charge extra for the gym and other amenities?

10.    Is my internet included in the rent?

11.    What is the contract length

12.    Can you tell me more about the ‘try before you rent’ offer?

13.    How long does it take to move in from my viewing?

14.    Do I need a television licence?

15.    I’m a woman and would feel more comfortable being shown around by a woman during my viewing - is this possible?

16.    Do you really have no holding deposit? How do I get my flat?

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