about UNCLE

A note from our founder

Let’s be honest, there’s rarely a ‘silver bullet’ solution for hard problems, and housing is no exception.  It’s expensive, stressful and can often be a rubbish experience for the customer.  Even the vocabulary asks customers to call them ‘lord’!  So instead we want to show you what we promise to deliver and then deliver it. Simple as that.

At UNCLE, we believe that lots of small things can add up to a big difference – the resident manager who knows your name, never having to worry about your packages getting lost, not worrying about that leaky tap. We’re confident that if we take care of you, together we’ll build the neighbourhood we all want: a safe and happy place where neighbours say hello in the lift, offer a hand with the groceries and are happy to come home. Don’t want to know your neighbours? That’s fine too. Our neighbourhoods are made up of all kinds of good people who enjoy our beautiful amenities and wonderful teams. So come and try us out. There are no tricks. If you don’t like the apartment, you can tear up the contract within two weeks, no strings attached.


Realstar Group

UNCLE is a residential rental company that makes living easy. It is owned and managed by the Realstar Group, a Canadian real estate investment and property management business with more than 40 years experience in the industry. The company owns and manages in excess of $6 billion of assets. In Canada, Realstar is one of the most respected real estate companies owning over 25,000 apartments across the country. Since launching in the UK in 2002, the company has invested in the primary healthcare, student accommodation, hotel and rental residential sectors, including co-ownership of 13,000 hotel rooms throughout the UK.

You’re in safe hands

We’re a voluntary member of key real estate and property governing bodies, abiding by the strictest codes of practice. We also believe wholly in fee transparency because you deserve the right to make informed decisions without fear of unexpected, last minute surprises.