Not just renting as it should be...
Security as it should be

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Here at UNCLE we take security seriously, and multiple measures to make sure our residents (that’s you) feel every bit as safe in your home as you do comfortable (and trust us, that's a lot!).

Our buildings are designed with safety in mind, and whilst each location is different, below are just some of the features we include to keep you safe!

We’ll never just fob you off when it comes to security

UNCLE lights the way when it comes to resident security

Always looking out for our residents…

By keeping an eye on anyone not meant to be there

Keeping residents safe is a team effort…

Emergency maintenance & out of hours help? UNCLE nailed it…

Say goodbye to late night phone calls to uncaring landlords

Where can you find our properties?

UNCLE WEmbley Common Area

UNCLE Wembley

Elephant & Castle balcony

UNCLE Elephant & Castle

Uncle New Cross Terrace

UNCLE New Cross

Dog on a sofa

UNCLE Southall

UNCLE apartment at Stockwell

UNCLE Stockwell

UNCLE Manchester Exterior

UNCLE Manchester