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Elephant & Castle: A Local Guide

So, either you’ve just moved into one of our Elephant and Castle apartments or you’re considering doing so, and you want to see what the area has to offer. Well, the simple answer is: a little bit of everything!
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Is Deptford Safe? – An In-Depth Review

With one of the 'coolest streets in the world', you might be wondering what it'd be like to move to Deptford and if it's safe. Check out what we have to say about this growing area.
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What Are The Safest Areas Of London To Live In?

Moving to any major city is bound to give you safety concerns, especially if your previous postcodes have been largely rural, or exclusively small towns. London is as major as a city can get, and thanks to the fact that the capital is often under more scrutiny than other parts of the country, London can fall victim to a lot of bad press regarding crime.
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