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Can You Have a Cat in a Flat?

Ideally, yes. Who could say no to that face? But read through out guide to know the ins and outs of pets in rentals.
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Our Guide To Restaurants In Elephant and Castle

Elephant & Castle sits at the south-east corner of Zone 1 on the Tube map, but that doesn’t mean that it comes with Zone 1 rental prices. It’s a vibrant place to live, with excellent transport links into the city centre and further afield, and it’s undergoing a period of transformation at present with the long-awaited redevelopment of the shopping centre.
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The Best Gyms in Wembley: A Guide

Moving to Wembley but not sure where to start your next fitness journey? With all the options, it can be difficult to navigate. Check out this guide for the insider know-how on the Wembley fitness scene.
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