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The History Of Elephant & Castle

Elephant and Castle is an area in Southwark, Greater London, to the south of the River Thames. While the diverse urban area of the present day has plenty to offer, the history of Elephant and Castle is worth exploring too.
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Discover What Living in Deptford is Like

Whether you're a city commuter, student, or are chronically on the hunt for underrated weekend plans, Deptford has something for everyone.
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9 Awesome Things to Do in Wembley

It’s hard to imagine now, but the booming modern metropolis that is Wembley started life as a tiny village perched on top of a hill. Over the past 500 years, however, the area has gone from a handful of houses to one of London’s most bustling boroughs with a population of 125,000. And there are countless things to do in Wembley.
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