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The best gyms in Colindale

Let us do the heavy lifting, here's a list of the best gyms in Colindale. You're welcome.

Initially the fact that 60% of the UK population are considered to be physically active seems like a good number - after all, that’s more than 37 million people. However, when you consider the fact that “insufficient physical activity is the 4th leading risk factor for mortality”, why are only a small majority of us exercising regularly?

For some people it comes down to finding the right kind of exercise. Team sports aren’t for everyone, and outdoor activities aren’t practical when the weather takes a turn. With this in mind, gyms can be an accommodating alternative. You can fly solo or go with a workout buddy, and the range of classes, facilities and machines on offer mean it doesn’t have to become monotonous. If you’re already a regular gym-goer, you know just how rewarding a habit it can be.

At the moment it’s estimated that more than 10 million people in the UK own a gym membership. Signing up to a gym is one thing, but making sure it’s the right fit for you with all of the facilities you require is another. If you’re looking to join a gym in Colindale, take a look at our list. 

Our UNCLE Colindale gym

All of our UNCLE apartment buildings are equipped with residents-only gyms for our renters to use, free of charge. Not only does this mean that if you live with us you technically have a home gym, but it also gives you one less excuse to not get up and get moving. Our Colindale location opened in September, and the gym is definitely a highlight. We’ve got all the basics covered - free weights for lifting, treadmills for cardio - the things that you’d expect from any gym. But what makes our gym really stand out is our partnerships.

Indoor cycling fans will be pleased to know we’ve teamed up with Peloton to give our residents access to their amazing bikes and virtual classes. There are so many benefits to indoor cycling, and being able to set your own pace makes it very beginner-friendly. Plus, unlike outdoor cycling, there’s no need to worry about getting caught in the rain. 

We’ve also partnered with the amazing Before The Lights - a team of amazing trainers and sports rehabilitators who lend their expertise to creatives, performers, and now UNCLE residents. Their list of clients is impressive - as is the fact that they’re able to turn gymphobes into gym-lovers.

The Gym Group

A 24-hour gym located on Edgeware Road, The Gym Group Colindale is a short walk from Colindale underground station. In terms of membership they’re at the more affordable end of the scale, with flexible memberships starting at £21.99 a month. They also frequently run offers and deals, such as cancelling the joining fee for limited periods of time, so keep an eye out for the best time to sign up.

In terms of equipment, there’s a spacious free weights area, plenty of cardio machines, and well-kept locker rooms. There are also a variety of classes to book onto. Group exercise such as classes is a great way to make sure your form is good and that your workouts are productive - it also gives you the opportunity to make friends while you sweat, and cheer each other on.


The PureGym brand is recognisable all across the country, and the Colindale branch sits on Charcot Road, a stone’s throw from the tube station. Very affordable by London standards, memberships start from £18.99 a month, and can be cancelled at any time. PureGym was founded in 2009, and since then they’ve opened over 300 branches and acquired plenty of experience.

PureGym lets you bring a friend up to four times a month, which is excellent news for people who sometimes need that little extra push to get themselves in the gym. It also means you can bring a buddy to be your spotter if you plan on using PureGym Colindale’s Olympic weightlifting platform and don’t fancy asking a stranger.

Your initial induction session with PureGym will be free, but if you feel like you’d benefit from more support there are personal trainers available. 

Evolve Gym

With sleek black and grey decor and state of the art equipment, Evolve Gym’s Colindale location is an attractive option when it comes to local gyms, found on Edgware Road. It is pricier than the previous entries on our list, with a day pass setting you back £15 and monthly memberships starting at £50, but with that exclusivity comes certain benefits. Evolve’s co-founder is a sports and exercise rehabilitator, and his knowledge of exercise for correcting musculoskeletal injuries is key to the gym’s ethos. 

Evolve is a great gym for aspiring boxers who don’t have the facilities to hang their own punching bag at home, and they also offer classes for those who have yet to learn how to throw a proper punch. Muay Thai, Body-Thenics and Total Body Blast are also on offer, for anyone looking to add some variety to their workout routine.

Anytime Fitness

With “5,000 gyms on all 7 continents”, Anytime Fitness is a well-known name in the health industry. With a membership of £37.99 a month, you gain access to any of these gyms, any time of day. Parking is included, classes are included, and you can enjoy free body scans with EVOLT 360 Scanners. Body scans can help you understand the composition of your body and measure bone, fat, and muscle. Knowing these measurements can help you track your progress on your fitness journey.

Anytime Fitness also has two interactive apps for members to use - one to manage membership and classes, and one to provide you with video instructions and over 1,000 pre-planned workouts. Not only this, but Anytime Fitness members get discounts on a wide range of fitness-related brands, from protein powders to meal plan subscriptions.

Park View Health Clubs

Park View Health Clubs can be found in Finchley, Palmers Green, and Colindale. They offer annual, monthly, and rolling membership, as well as day passes, with the best value deal costing £32 a month. Reviews for the Colindale location praise the range of classes and the helpful staff. If you’re looking for a Colindale gym with a swimming pool you’re out of luck - but Park View makes up for its lack of aquatic facilities with a luxurious sauna.

The only facility on the list that isn’t open 24/7, night owls might prefer to go elsewhere in search of gym gains - but it does have unique benefits. One piece of equipment that stands out in Park View Health Clubs are the SkillMills - a non-motorised treadmill built on a curve, allowing for more muscles to be engaged while running, and removing the need for the runner to adjust speeds via controls. On SkillMills you can burn as much as 900 calories an hour, which is no mean feat.

Park View Health Club Colindale also has the benefit of being less than a 10 minute walk from our Colindale building. How convenient!

Rent with UNCLE in Colindale

Our Colindale location is so fresh it still has that shiny new building smell. It offers people the chance to enjoy beautifully designed apartments and a 23 minute commute into the centre of London. From studios up to three-beds, there’s space for the whole family - and, thanks to our communal resident areas, there’s room for making new friends as well.

Colindale is the place to be - don’t believe us? Why not see for yourself.

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