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Is Elephant & Castle a safe place to live? | UNCLE

When you’re moving to a new area in a big city, safety is sure to cross your mind. And of course it’s sensible to seek out a new neighbourhood that’s secure, so you can enjoy the fun of a bustling metropolis without feeling like you have to be on the lookout for trouble.

In this blog post we’re going to take a look at how safe Elephant & Castle is, and explore other aspects of the area that might help you decide whether or not it’s the right choice for you.

A quick intro to Elephant & Castle

If you’re not massively familiar with Elephant & Castle, here’s a bit of info you might find useful.

  • Elephant & Castle is located in Southwark, a borough in south-east London. 
  • It was named after a pub - well, an 18th-century coaching inn. Although there’s speculation that the inn could have been there even earlier, as the ‘Elephant’ was mentioned in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, written in 1601.
  • The area is being hugely redeveloped, including a new town centre, new housing, community spaces and a two-acre park. This is creating new employment opportunities and community spaces, while giving Elephant & Castle a significant facelift.
  • It’s close to the River Thames, meaning all the riverside views and attractions are within easy reach, and The City and Westminster are walkable within 30 minutes (though there are great transport links too!).

But what about safety? That’s why you’re here after all, so let’s dig into that before getting back to the fun stuff.

What are the crime statistics like for Elephant & Castle?

Crime is inevitable in any big city, and London of course has its share. However, compared to other European cities London has only the 17th highest crime rate, and looking worldwide it has just the 106th highest.

But how safe is Elephant & Castle in particular? According to police data, the annual crime rate here is 224 per 1000 population, which according to the linked source is ‘average’. It’s also worth noting that crime rates have been coming down here since 2011.

The Met Police actively works with other agencies to reduce crime and antisocial behaviour in the area, and the current regeneration of Elephant & Castle is also helping to improve safety. On top of this there is a Safer Neighbourhood Team, which patrols the area, meeting with people on the streets and dealing with issues that occur. 

What does Elephant & Castle have to offer beyond safety?

If you’re thinking about moving to Elephant & Castle you want more than just a safe neighbourhood. What about great food and drink, activities, attractions and the chance to be part of a thriving and growing community?

Fab food & drink

Well, Elephant & Castle offers all of this. Let’s start with food and drink. There are countless restaurants and cafes throughout the area, but many foodies head straight to Mercato Metropolitano to sample some of the offerings from the 40 varied food venues based here. Whether you fancy French, Italian, Chinese or pretty much any other delicious international cuisine, you can get it here, washed down with your choice of drink, from craft beer to cocktails and much more.

Elephant Park

A major part of the recent regeneration, Elephant Park combines green parkland with living, dining, drinking, shopping, recreation and community spaces. Here you can also visit Elephant Springs, the bubbling water features that kids (and adults!) love in the summer, and which make a serene place to chill out all year round.

A wealth of culture

If you fancy some history you could pop down to the Imperial War Museum, or The Cinema Museum if you’re a film lover who wants to get behind the scenes. Southwark Playhouse is very close too if you like to take in a show from time to time. 

Amazing access to London & beyond

Elephant & Castle is just a 30-minute walk to The City and Westminster, and it has great transport links too. Here you can travel by mainline or underground rail, and buses can take you into the heart of the city in as little as 20 minutes. 

Drivers will find themselves in a great spot too, with easy access to the A2 from the A201. And if you want to hop on a bike to get across the city while getting some exercise, there are plenty of cycle docking stations. 

Check out our post on what it’s like living in Elephant & Castle to learn more about fun things to do and see in the area.

Should you live in Elephant & Castle?

There is clearly plenty of fun to be had in Elephant & Castle, so you certainly shouldn’t get bored living here. Safety is up too and is being improved further by the regeneration project, which is making Elephant & Castle one of the most sought-after areas to live in London. So should you live in Elephant & Castle? Well yeah, we think so!

Living In Elephant & Castle With UNCLE

If this sounds like a great area to you, check out our stunning flats in Elephant & Castle right now. 

Discover the other perks of living with UNCLE too, which include a free on-site gym and stunning city views (did we mention this is London’s tallest residential building?!). 

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