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Refer a friend T&Cs

1. Entrants into the ‘refer a friend’ program (“Incentive”) shall be deemed to have accepted these Terms and Conditions.

2. To participate in this Incentive:

• At the time your ‘Friend’ signs their tenancy agreement for an apartment in an UNCLE building (UNCLE Elephant & Castle, UNCLE Manchester, UNCLE New Cross, UNCLE Stockwell, UNCLE Wembley, UNCLE Southall) you must be current resident in an UNCLE building.

• your ‘Friend’ must sign a tenancy agreement and return the signed document to us while You still live with us in any of the above UNCLE properties.

• the tenancy agreement signed by your ‘Friend’ is for at least 12 months and without any break clause;

• None of the circumstances set out in condition 4, below, apply.

3. If all the conditions in condition 2, above, apply both the existing resident and ‘Friend’ are entitled to receive a £350 amazon voucher as follows:

• After the ‘Friend’ moves in and the 2 weeks “tear up contract” grace period passes.

4. Existing residents will not be eligible to participate in the Incentive if:

• They are in arrears with their rent or any other amounts due under their tenancy agreement remain unpaid; or

• There are any current or past complaints against such existing resident (e.g. causing nuisance, sounds complaints etc.).

• At the time the conditions in condition 2 are satisfied, you are already in the last month of your tenancy agreement and are due to vacate the apartment and your ‘Friend’ moves to UNCLE after your move out.

and will be informed if such circumstances apply as soon as reasonably practicable by their on-site management team.

5. The Incentive applies to each apartment that is the subject of a new tenancy agreement (and not to the number of ‘Friends’). For example, if an existing resident recommends an UNCLE building to three friends and the three friends enter into a single tenancy agreement for one apartment, the existing resident is (subject to these terms and conditions) entitled to one amazon voucher and not three vouchers.

6. Each existing and eligible resident is entitled to as many referral vouchers as many referrals are put forward and meet the above terms highlighted in point 2.

7. This Incentive may not be used in conjunction with any other UNCLE promotions or be replaced by any cash reward offers or alternative offers.

8. By entering the incentive, you agree to the collection, retention, usage, and distribution of your personal information in order to process and contact you about the Incentive. You also agree to participate in a social media post/other marketing materials to further promote the Incentive.

9. The terms and conditions of the Incentive are governed by English law and entrants to the Incentive submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.