Why live at UNCLE?

Good question. See below for the answers.

Why live at UNCLE?

Because we’re a rental company dedicated to fixing renting. Unlike other agencies and landlords who take, dismiss and neglect, we create a high-quality renting experience that treats you like a human and not just another transaction. Kindness and simplicity is at the heart of everything we do.


We’re generally not into cliches, but the promises we make to our tenants are important to us. They’re here, not just to make us seem impressive, but to provide real solutions to your real concerns. And, when you live by them like we do, they actually make a difference.

Tenants’ Real Concerns UNCLE’s Real Promise
“Rental companies always charge rip off fees for doing nothing.” We’re fee free!
“Things break and no one fixes it.” We’ll fix any routine repair within 48 hours. If we don’t, we’ll give you a day’s rent back.
“I might move in and not like the flat, then will be stuck in a lease I can’t get out of it.” Within the first 2 weeks you can rip up the lease contract and move out with no penalties whatsoever. No strings attached.
“My circumstances might change and I’ll need a bigger (or smaller) flat or a different location.” We get that circumstances change which is why we stay flexible. So even if you’re in the middle of a lease we’ll let you move to another UNCLE apartment, or even another one of our locations. There are only a few conditions you need to fulfill to make the most out of this promise, see more details here.
“I can’t live without a fast internet connection.” We always find the fastest speeds available in the neighbourhoods we’re in. Typically we’re able to get up to 1GB (the fastest there is anywhere), but where we can’t we can usually get at least 100MB (which is still pretty damn fast).
“I’m worried about the rent getting jacked up 20% from one year to the next. Or, worse: getting chucked out for no reason at all.” We’re happy to offer leases as long as 4 years and also pre-agree rent increases (usually linked to inflation), so you don’t have to worry about that either. As long as you’re a tenant in ‘good standing’ – i.e. pay rent and don’t trash the place – you’re all good.
“I don’t have any furniture.” OR “I already have furniture.” No worries. We offer apartments that are beautifully furnished by Made.com and Unfurnished flats are available as well.

Have we convinced you yet?

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If you read our TrustPilot reviews, you’ll see that we actually care for our tenants. We even hand out a reward every year to the UNCLE resident manager who goes out of the way the most amount of times for our tenants. Don’t get us wrong, we certainly don’t claim to be perfect, but when there’s a problem we’re always around to sort it out. That’s why our resident managers typically live on-site – to make sure we’re always there to help. Even on evenings and weekends too!


Home is supposed to be a sanctuary. That’s why we’ve spent a lot of time making sure the apartments not only function for a comfortable and convenient lifestyle, but look the business as well. We’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the world’s most talented architects and designers to bring the right look and feel to each property.

Here are some of the firms that have worked on the UNCLE collection:



Design and service perks may be the sexy bits of UNCLE, but safety and security is our number one responsibility. We take your well being very seriously. All of our properties are fitted with CCTV cameras, fobs and access keypads throughout and, of course, our resident managers are on-site 24/7 to look after any problems.

We’re also a member of best practice bodies including ARLA, the Property Ombudsman and DPS. Click on any of these to learn more about them.


In addition to safety, design and service, we offer our tenants loads of unexpected perks and benefits. At UNCLE, these come in many forms and we’re always trying to add new ones as well. There’s no extra charge for these. They’re just part of how we’d like to make living with UNCLE a more memorable and special experience.

These include:

  • Amenities like gyms and yoga studio, co-working spaces and art studios, rooftop terraces and sky lounges… you get the picture.
  • Our resident managers who can receive parcels for you while you’re at work, sort out your leaky tap, and anything else to make your life a little bit more stress-free.
  • Exclusive deals for all UNCLE residents with companies from complementary sectors, like 10% off Made.com furniture!
  • ‘Emergency kits’ available at the front desk in case you run out of life’s little essentials – a corkscrew, a toothbrush, a hangover cure, etc.


Last but not least, we’re taking the smoke and mirrors out of the renting experience through plain and simple honesty. We face issues realistically, never sugar coating the facts and never trying to divert from what is with fancy legal jargon no one can understand. For us, straight-talking honesty really is the best policy.