More Detailed Information About UNCLE’s Promises

The information below should be read along with the Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement (AST). If there are any differences the AST will always take precedent. If you are unclear about anything please speak to the Resident Managers in your onsite team, or email [email protected] and we’ll be happy to answer any questions.

24/7 resident managers

UNCLE has Resident Managers who typically live onsite at each property. They will be your main point of contact and do everything from showing you around at a viewing, to going through your inventory and renewing your lease. As well as taking in parcels for you they are responsible for the maintenance of the building and your apartment.

They need to sleep sometimes so we have a dedicated out-of-hours emergency number that you can use when they’re not around. This number is different for each of our properties and is included in the site specific information in your Resident Handbook.

Try us out Risk Free

If in the first 2 weeks, you decide the apartment isn’t right for you (for any reason), we’ll let you cancel the contract. No strings attached.

  • Your request to leave must be sent in writing (email or letter) to your onsite Resident Management team. The request should state your expected move out date and must be received within 14 calendar days of the tenancy start date. Where there is more than one name on the lease all residents must be in agreement to leave and all must be copied on the email, or sign the letter. We would appreciate it if you could tell us your reason for leaving so we can fix any potential issues.
  • You must vacate the apartment within 14 days of sending the letter or email. No further extensions will be given.
  • Remarketing your property will start 1 working day after your written request to vacate has been received.
  • Access for viewings is to be granted as per the terms of the Tenancy Agreement.
  • You are required to pay rent and all relevant utilities for the period of time you are in the property. Rent and utility payments stop when the inventory has been completed, the property has been fully vacated and you return all keys to the onsite Resident Management team.
  • Any rent refund due will be paid back to your preferred account via BACS within 30 days of vacating.
  • You are responsible for end of tenancy obligations as per the terms of the Tenancy agreement.
  • The deposit will be dealt with in accordance with the terms set out in the Tenancy Agreement.
  • Your landlord or any of its managing agents are not liable for, or required to pay any reimbursement for any contract which you may have entered into. This might include, but isn’t limited to contracts for broadband or Sky.

No hidden or agency fees

Most landlords charge £500 or more in ‘admin fees’ for things like providing a lease, renewing a tenancy or carrying out reference checks. We don’t charge for any of those things.

  • No administration fees are charged to start a tenancy with any property managed by UNCLE or any of its agents.
  • Before moving into an UNCLE building you will need to pay a holding deposit (which is deducted from the first month’s rent), 1 month’s rent and an end of tenancy security deposit (typically 6 week’s rent).
  • Other charges, which could be applied whilst living in an UNCLE property are detailed in the Tenancy Agreement.

Guaranteed Repairs

Our Resident Managers will fix any of your routine repairs as soon as you tell them about it. If it’s not fixed within 48 hours we’ll give you a day of rent back.

  • We consider a routine repair to be any repair our Resident Manager can do with a set of tools and supplies that are available from a local hardware shop.
  • This applies to routine service requests only as part of the landlord obligations as detailed in the Tenancy Agreement. This may include, but isn’t limited to basic plumbing, electrical faults and carpentry which can easily be repaired with everyday parts and tools which can be reasonably stored on site and undertaken by the Resident Manager. Examples of routine maintenance include tightening a dripping tap, adjusting a toilet flush, tightening door or window handles, adjusting cupboard door hinges, minor painting, checking basic fuses and connections and tightening chair legs.
  • If UNCLE fails to satisfy a Guaranteed Service Request within 48 hours (two working days), a total of one day’s rent will be deducted from the amount due for the next month and the direct debit (if applicable) will be amended accordingly.
    After 48 hours you will need to write to notify us.
  • This guarantee does not apply:
    • for maintenance requiring a specialist contractor;
    • if normal access requests are denied for us to enter;
    • a part is out of stock or requires specific delivery;
    • if the service request is needed as a result of damage you have caused to the apartment;
    • for maintenance or emergencies which are of a communal nature affecting numerous residents;
    • any unforeseen event, emergency or circumstance which occurs outside our control;
    • during a property’s defect or warrantee period;
    • if there are any rent arrears on the account.

Flexibility to change apartments and even locations.

We get that circumstances change. New job. New relationship. So even if you’re in the middle of a lease we’ll let you move to another apartment, or even another one of our locations. (We only charge a £250 redecoration contribution).

  • You must have been living in an UNCLE property for at least 2 months before being able to request to move.
    Moving property will be subject to availability and referencing.
  • This promise is only available to residents who have been in good standing (i.e. paid rent on time and have no neighbour complaints).
    Two months’ notice must be given on the existing property.
  • A holding deposit is required to take the new property off the market.
  • This offer applies to the whole property and all residents within the Tenancy Agreement. All residents will be required to vacate.
  • A new Tenancy Agreement will be issued for the new property.
  • The new AST term will be for a minimum of 12 months.

High speed internet

We’re pretty much at the mercy of providers like BT, but so far we’ve been pretty successful at having our way! We make sure we offer the highest internet speeds that we humanly can at each of our locations. In most cases we can get 100MB and in some we can now reach 1GB.

We can’t guarantee it’s 100% accurate but this handy tool shows internet speeds by postcode

Please note that all of these PROMISES are at the absolute discretion of UNCLE and that UNCLE reserves the right to change any of them at any time.